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Mushambi’s talks are for entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders who want to level up. The convergence of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology are how we achieve positive growth on the African continent and unlock a sustainable future.

Through his content, talks, coaching and workshop facilitation Mushambi hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

If you have special needs we can also tailor make custom content for you and your needs.

Mushambi walks the journey with our clients in order to avoid getting caught up in the latest news out of Silicon Valley or attempting to replicate “the next Uber/AirBnB/WhatsApp of”.As a technologist, it’s not just about the jargon; for him it’s about building solutions that actually grow your business. Bring your team on a walk with Mushambi through this new normal of rising disruption and social impact with a local context.

Each of his topics can be facilitated as a keynote, workshop or masterclass, conference environment or panel.

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I Shook Hands With Steve

My best childhood memories growing up was the annual trip I could take with my father to MacWorld when he worked at then Apple Computer. In September ’98, Steve Jobs graced the stage. At the end of his talk announcing the world changing iMac and its many flavours, my dad and I quickly rustled up to the front to catch a closer glimpse of the re-welcomed CEO. Standing out as one of the few children there, Steve paused and shook my hand. (I cried.)

Like the 50’s Mafioso, for anyone who shook hands with Frank Sinatra, there was a certain code and  value system. The same for those who shook hands with Steve or interacted with his products. It still holds true 25+ years later.

My latest keynote is beyond the story of a nerdy 12 year old, but in the essentials for building a culture of leadership rooted in innovation and transformation. Beyond the allure & myth of Steve and instead the visionary environment Apple created to bring his reality distortion field to life. Creating life beyond just products and technology to building experiences and life centricity.


Tech Adjacent

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Innovation and technology are moving at exponential rates. Hundreds of thousands of start-ups across the world are disrupting old business models, breaking old habits and winning!. It’s clear that the rules of business have changed forever. Every business leader, large or small must embrace what innovation means in their sector and avoid Iron Mike’s so eloquent words!

Tech Adjacent is not about keeping up with tech or jumping on board every single change and adjustment on the market. Instead, it’s about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

While not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, everyone in this age should certainly be entrepreneurial in their thinking and behaviour to truly succeed. We need more individuals that think and behave like entrepreneurs each day, whether inside small businesses, corporates or government.

Unlock the tools entrepreneurs use to succeed across a variety of industries, from corporate to the arts. Problem solvers, innovators, purpose-minded fixers.


Grit, Purpose & Excellence

Most people tend to think the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs we read about just got lucky and that the key to their success was the sum of the perfect equation of entrepreneurial traits, skills, money and background. Some secret formula the rest don’t have access to.

Success is not a magic formula. Ultimately it’s rooted in 3 basic principles that added together equate to impactful leadership & exponential success. 3 principles we can all learn and develop within ourselves. A life of success can not be built without a blueprint. This talk is it.

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