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As one of the leading innovation & future of leadership speakers and tech leaders, Mushambi Mutuma helps companies move beyond surviving to thriving in an everchanging digital landscape.

Mushambi is an author, speaker and tech leader with over 17 years of experience building brands and business across Africa and the United States.As one of the leading innovation & digital transformation speakers and tech voices, Mushambi Mutuma has helped companies move beyond surviving to thriving in an ever changing digital landscape.

When leaders want to establish new best practice in their digital journey, course correct their teams to a future minded focus or inspire with the latest learnings and advance in technology, they call Mushambi Mutuma.

Mushambi is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, digital transformation and innovation expert and author. His intent is to re-code the DNA of leaders and teams to further cultivate and advance the next generation of innovators, intrapreneurs and tech-adjacent businesses.

He shares insights and tangible tools to evolve thinking, plot new roadmaps for growth and kickstart high-performing teams. His speaking clientele include the likes of Facebook, SalesForce, Coca Cola, PWC, Dell, QuickBooks, Huawei, Standard Bank & Allan Gray to name a few.

Whether startup co-founders or C-Suite executives, he has guided leaders at all levels on how to take advantage of the exponentiality of technology today.

Mushambi’s work and insights has also been featured in media outlets across the US & Africa including CNBC, GQ, VentureBurn and Entrepreneur. He also co-founded and led a digital product lab, Altivex, which was acquired in its 10th year of operation.

Mushambi’s first book, ‘Tech Adjacent’ was one of the top selling business & leadership books. The book is about understanding the principles of tech, its pace, footsteps of where it’s heading, knowing how disruption and innovation work, and most importantly leveraging it for exponential success. The book shares specific insights and case studies of African businesses – both those that are being disrupted and those that are disrupting as part of a new wave of growth.

He now serves on Accenture’s leadership and heads its Commerce practice, overseeing the delivery and scale of digital transformation projects for the largest companies in the world.

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Mushambi’s Offering

Mushambi shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through his content, he re-codes the DNA of leaders and teams to further cultivate and advance the next generation of innovators, intrapreneurs and tech-adjacent businesses

Actionable strategies that empower your people to transform work cultures, amplify team innovation and re-imagine a tangible future of growth.


Unlocking digital transformation and true scale through a tailor made strategy and roadmap.


Let Mushambi get to know you, your role, and your industry, and you will gain rich, tailored insights intended specifically for you for a path to excellence in no time.


Providing you with tools, insights, modules to upskill yourself as an entrepreneur and leader.

My Mission & Philosophy
“Brands that evolve the present are involved in the future”

Experience Mushambi Speak

As a speaker, Mushambi shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation wrapping together the latest trends for practical and tangible digital transformation. His speaking clientele include Facebook, SalesForce, Coca Cola, PWC, Dell, QuickBooks, Standard Bank, Allan Gray and Huawei to name a few. Through his content, he hopes to further cultivate and advance the next generation of innovators, intrapreneurs and tech-adjacent businesses.

Technology & the Future
The Entrepreneurial Mindset
The Power of Failure
The Process of Innovation
Rethinking & Re-Imaging Tomorrow

The Exponential Guide to Leveraging Technology for Business Success

Today more than ever, leaders in business and entrepreneurship need to invest in new ways of thinking and prepare their businesses for rapid moving digital change.

Mushambi’s first book, Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success.


What Mushambi's Clients Say

The most impactful thing our company has ever done is have this talk by you.

Nhlanhla Zikalala, Head of Sales, Godrej South Africa
Testimonial 1

Mushambi’s approach to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation is thought provoking and distinct. He possesses the unique ability to teach constructs in a digestible and practical way. He is engaging, motivational, and a breadth of fresh air!

Steph Houslay. Director Red & Yellow Creative School of Business
Testimonial 2

We found your manner and presentation style easy to follow and engaging. Thank you for making the Innovation discussion easy, practical and positive. Your “why” is amazing and your passion for it shines through.

Elaine Rumboll, PWC Partner Leadership Development Programme
Testimonial 3

Mushambi blew our socks off! He managed to be executive and relatable at the same time. Without doubt he connected quickly with the audience of entrepreneurs and assessed the entrepreneurs needs well. Everyone felt inspired to move forward with their ideas and put them into action. His value came through clearly as someone with experience, passion and a genuine purpose

Janine Basel, CEO AKRO Capital
Testimonial 4

Mushambi and I both spoke at the THINK FUTURE conference. I really enjoyed his presentation and think he is one of the best speakers I’ve heard on innovation and technology. He has a great speaking style, is informative and tells great stories to make his content understandable to a diverse audience

Nicky Abdinor , International Keynote Speaker, Clinical Psychologist
Testimonial 5

Mushambi is MAGIC! He sprinkled his magic dust all over the virtual room and we had SUCH GREAT engagement!

Reatile Tekateka, Group Executive Head Corporate Affairs at Multichoice Africa
Testimonial 6

Mushambi, you were superb in your delivery & beyond inspirational in your message. It was insightful & encouraging, while serving to activate our delegates to take relevant action in their areas of the business

Kimberleigh Pasterkamp, Learning & Development Director - Leadstrong/Standard Bank
Testimonial 7

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