Artificial Intelligence. Automation. Blockchain. Internet of Things. Big Data. The 4th Industrial Revolution.

Who actually knows what any of these concepts mean for their business, much less how to integrate them? Things are moving at a faster pace than ever before and it’s become intimidating and overwhelming to keep up. It’s tempting to bury your head in the sand than to try make heads or tails of it all.

But none of these buzzwords actually matter! You don’t have to jump aboard every single change and adjustment on the market, or trade in your suit for a t-shirt, jean & sneaker combo. If you have the right context, it’s a lot simpler to understand and use technological shifts as an opportunity to transform your business.

Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, hearing the footsteps of where it might be going, knowing how disruption and innovation work tangibly, and most importantly leveraging it for your unique exponential success.

Innovation is contextual, so while Uber, AirBnb and Facebook are grandiose Silicon Valley success stories, they have little relevance in your own market. This book shares stories and case studies of localised African businesses; both exposing who is getting disrupted as we speak and why; as well as how new companies are leading the next wave of growth.

Mushambi’s experience and expertise not only in business but also as a tech entrepreneur, give real life context to rapid change, unlocking future opportunities and offers tools to predict where your audience and industry are heading. He sells no big ideas but instead genuinely shares his unique perspectives and know-how to help whoever he can in the process.

This isn’t just another book on growing your business in 100 days or dry academic theory, Tech Adjacent is the guidebook for not just surviving but excelling in a world of exponential growth. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or corporate executive this guide is a must for leaders present and future.


    Future Self Academy Certified Course:

    It’s an absolute pleasure to be partnering with Future Self Academy for a new way of interacting with my book, Tech Adjacent in a revolutionary way.

    Tech Adjacent is now personalized multimedia course made for your own pace and speed that actually allows you to absorb 10 times more!

    The FSA platform allows for you to:

    • 23 custom video lectures from me
    • Quiz your learning progress throughout the course
    • Study on your phone at your own pace
    • Receive accredited CPD certificate
    • And most importantly learn and grow!

    What you’ll learn

    • What is technology?
    • What is the nature of technology?
    • How to understand innovation and disruption
    • What is innovation?
    • How to prepare for disruption
    • How does technology move today?
    • Where is future technology going next?
    • What is the ‘Wakanda Effect’?
    • How to build the next 15, 25, 100 years
    • Why many occupations, which exist today, will carry over into the future in a new form

    The Book Every Business Owner Must Read: It's Time for Different

    I had the absolute pleasure of partnering with Tracey McDonald Publishers and 47 other authors, leading business minds and thought leaders for a variety of info, ideas and solutions in “The Book Every Business Owner Must Read.”

    Times are different, particularly during/post COVID; however we still have to figure a way through it and this book is the excellent toolkit on adapt and responding to changing circumstances for some truly incredibly minds.

    The world of business is tough, especially today. We know that now is the time for exponential acceleration, adaptability, agility and adjusting; a time for resilience, perseverance and courage; where the frames of reference that so many of us have held onto for so long are simply no longer relevant.

    But you may be stuck. You may be frozen and fearful, and feeling panicked. You may be worried, and feel weary. Your vision may be blurred, and you may feel unsure of yourself, yet you have a business to run, and staff to look after.

    If you are feeling some, or perhaps all of these things, take a deep breath – help is at hand. With over forty chapters of wisdom, insights, experience, suggestions and advice from some of South Africa’s leading business minds and thought leaders, you will find pure gems of information, ideas and solutions on each page of The Book Every Business Owner Must Read.

    Adapt, respond, and define your new ways of thinking to help you succeed. Get your pen and notebook ready, start reading and make notes and lists of what you can do, today, to not only survive, but thrive as a business.



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